Rugendas I, Georg Philipp (1666 Augsburg 1742). Leads the horseman right … . Open riding place on the back of the stables with manifold actions. Mezzotint. Inscribed: Georg Philipp Rugendas invent. del. fec. et excudit, otherwise as above and below. 19¼ × 26½ in (49 × 67.3 cm).

Teuscher 68 + ills. (by printer’s error 40.5 cm, without number); Stillfried 347. – Plate 1 of the 8-sheet riding school T. 68-75 + Nagler 44, here in a supposedly later state  with  the number 1 in small half circle at the lower picture edge, as the copy of the Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich, too. – Watermark Great Crown with typographic pendant and WANGEN word mark. – With caption in German:

Leads  the  horseman  right  body , leg , heel , hand ,
Then  a  noble  horse  soon  becomes  methodical  and  versatile ;
And  brought  by  pains , art , sternness , delight  for  ornament  to  that ,
That  it  raises  high  in  front  and  makes  fine  curbettes.

With surrounding margins of 1-1.7 cm. – Harmonious impression with fine chiaroscuro though from the overall somewhat used plate as quite acceptable for mezzotints allowing – so the contemporary expert Sandrart – just about 50-60 really good impressions. – Box pleat from print reaching diagonally 9 cm into the sky part. Pinhead-small hole above the tail of the horse on the outer left. Slight creases recognizable on the back.

Extremely rare, the leaves of this set are missing, i. a., within the c. 27,600 lots of Weigel’s Art Stock Catalogue, parts I-XXVIII, 1838-1857, the Bibliotheca Hippologica I. H. Anderhub with rarities like Ridinger’s Riding School in Imperial Oblong dissolved in 1963, and the Sarasin Collection (1999). The copy here

after  decades  in  the  generous  ambience  on  the  wall  of  a  connoisseur

now  on  the  market  again  for  the  first  time .

Who granted the wonderful plates of this set with their marvelous horses the place which already 125 years ago Wilhelm Schmidt summing up in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie assigned to Rugendas:

“ Doubtless, set into better circumstances, e.g. living in the Netherlands about 1650, (the elder Georg Philipp Rugendas) would have become an artist who

would  have  surpassed  all  his  horse  and  battle  competitors . ”

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Also see plate 2 of this set
and plates 7 + 8 of the dressages Teuscher 118-129.

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